Business Planning, B2B Market Development, and Export Development

Fairview Consulting offers comprehensive services to help organizations develop robust business plans, expand their B2B market presence, and establish successful export initiatives.

Our Comprehensive Service Offerings Include:

Company Analysis and Diagnostic

Our team thoroughly analyzes your company’s operations and practices, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and growth opportunities, serving as the foundation for developing effective business strategies.

Business Plan Development

We assist in developing a comprehensive business plan that encompasses financial forecasting, performance analysis, and strategic initiatives, and serves as a roadmap to guide your organization toward its goals.

Business Development Needs and Objectives

We work closely with you to identify your business development needs and objectives, by analyzing the correlation between these needs and your organization’s preparedness in terms of operations, HR, finances, capacity, and more.

Business Development Plan

Based on the identified needs, we help establish a tailored business development plan that outlines actionable strategies and the necessary resources for execution, while collaborating with your internal team to ensure long-term success.

Execution and Coordination

We assist in executing the identified action items by collaborating with your company’s team, ensuring a successful knowledge transfer to empower your team to sustain the execution of the development plan effectively.

Coordinating Financing for Expansions

Our experts assist in preparing a comprehensive financing package, which includes a well-crafted business plan, financial projections, and other management tools, ensuring that you present a strong case to potential financiers.

Empowering your business with a “fair view”

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