Financing, Refinancing, and Restructuring

At Fairview Consulting, we recognize the importance of sound financial strategies in driving business growth and success. Our team of experts offers comprehensive services to help organizations in financing, refinancing, and restructuring initiatives.

Our Comprehensive Service Offerings Include

Assessing Financing Needs

We conduct a thorough assessment of your financing requirements, considering your growth plans and specific objectives, to help us determine the optimal financing targets and options for your organization.

Preparation of Financing Package

Our experts assist in preparing a comprehensive financing package, which includes a well-crafted business plan, financial projections, and other management tools, ensuring that you present a strong case to potential financiers.

Identifying Financing Sources

We help you explore and identify the best sources of financing, considering both traditional and non-traditional means with our extensive network of chartered banks, private equity firms, small business investment tax credits, family offices, mezzanine lenders, and convertible instruments.

Coordinating Financing for Expansions

If you’re planning expansions or new business undertakings, we assist in sourcing the appropriate financing to support your growth initiatives and ensure that you secure the necessary funds at favourable terms.

Restructuring Assistance

In situations where restructuring is necessary, we provide guidance and coordinate various actions to maximize outcomes for all stakeholders, focusing on optimizing resources, improving efficiencies, and positioning your organization for long-term success.

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